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Otávio Barreto emanuelly Derrick Burton
  • Big buyer just stepped in, little jump
    2014-04-16 08:30:17
  • cool
    2014-04-16 08:55:32
how do you short stock?
UA stock split didnt figure correctly. my stock value dropped but my total shares did not double.
  • stock splits on here is a problem.. if you have the stock long you will take a hit short it an you play the short cheat some use on here to pump up their portfolio.
    2014-04-15 04:19:05
  • The only thing to do is reset your account or make up the loss by using the same glitch to your advantage by shorting $TREX on May 7th before its 2:1 split on May 8th.
    2014-04-15 04:29:34
  • $HLF
    2014-04-11 16:13:01
  • hehe Bill Ackman must be happier tonight...
    2014-04-11 18:14:39
  • Ackman, more like HAckman. Will be looking to enter this week. Very fishy timing of news release, news that is not new at that. Same thing with $NQ. I will likely ride that up from low teens to 20 again. Ackman should learn how to cover his shorts.
    2014-04-13 08:52:01
  • he converted a bunch to put options...so we dont know exactly what his break even point is.... but this latest news onslaught is geared towards just that...
    But, we can't forget this has become a tad personal too...
    Gordon Gekko versus Sir Larry Wildman ...lol
    2014-04-13 13:54:40
the system has a flaw ,, when stocks splits it give you a massive loss instead of doubling your shares,
Chris lau
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  • i am buying jcp and holding long because I go against the herd.
    2014-04-11 06:44:07
  • It never made sense why cheaters exploit this bug, then brag they made gains. The money ain't real. Just like facebook likes, or twitter retweets. The house of cards in the real world is coming down...once companies start cutting their ad budgets.
    2014-04-11 06:48:22
  • Im wearing a toque snapperhead. You know what that is right? Tips still being offered, helmethead.
    2014-04-11 06:57:02
  • We need some imagination and class in our insults.
    What a pernicious toad I am eh?

    Shakespearean Insult generator
    2014-04-11 08:58:23
  • Fucking Vlad isn't shit but a worthless piker mother fucker. I also heard he sucks dick for rock cocaine. Which is fucking interesting after all, because you'd think he'd be sucking dick for some stock tips, the horrendous hack. What a fucking douchebag, cul'de sac.
    2014-04-11 09:59:33