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Chris Lau Admin
$SAND is from a contact
Chris Lau Admin
did you end up picking up any ylo? i am glad i did not!
  • No i didn't , I ended up buying a small company called Sandstorm Metals and Energy (SND) .
    2011-09-13 15:25:54
  • from today's Financial Post about SND
    2011-09-13 15:39:29
  • Chris Lau Admin
    aren't you glad you didn't buy ylo? It's not even 0.50. it was a few dollars last time it was discussed. company's going down
    2011-10-28 04:29:15
Chris Lau Admin
Funny you ask about YLo. What do you think of them? How did you arrive at book value? They have heavy debt, they are selling their only prized item left, and they have no idea how to make money in the digital world.

Funny you ask about ylo because I started to look at them at $2.50 about a month ago.
  • Barry Schwartz, VP & Portfolio Manager, Baskin Financial Services was on BNN Market Call Tonight and stated that Yellow Media was trading under book value.
    2011-08-12 14:37:19
  • Chris Lau Admin
    honestly i'm a bit tempted. you can short-term trade it and hope for a bounce, for a nice return. i'll take a quick look to figure out its liquidation value, but i do know that long term, the company is selling everything just to meet debt obligations.

    It's not healthy a company!
    2011-08-13 07:48:59
Witek .. Yes Petroamerica... in Colombia drilling for oil. No warrants, just shares... I have off loaded most PTA holdings in my RW acc't for now.. I was hoping for a spike with news expected at the end if June... I didn't expect much and was trading cautiously with it... I don't expect much from this at any point... just speculating;)
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  • I held 51,000 share of PTA up to the end of June... when the ann'cmnt in June of the 'new' joint venture came out, I pulled out about 98%... but you have this 'tone' abouts 'warrants'. I'm curious to know if that's a better position to take then. I 'll wait to hear back from you.
    2011-07-12 04:18:26
  • warrants are long term options, an example being pta.wt that expire in 2014
    2011-07-12 20:31:16
  • i was "only" went long in PTA
    2011-07-12 20:32:20
  • I went long PTA only after Eric Nutall from Sprott mentioned them as his top pick on BNN Market Call. At the time PTA was trading $@ 0.48 . It has been the worst position in my portfolio and I am holding on for the long haul. lol
    2011-07-12 20:38:24
  • I think I too, put too much stock the Globe and Mails' "Should be on your radar";)
    2011-07-15 13:28:42
Chris Lau Admin
Reset? what was your closing balance b4 resetting?
  • i was down 400k
    2011-05-21 15:22:42
  • Chris Lau Admin
    Looks like I beat you on the way down, now down 1M.
    2011-07-02 17:00:13
  • glad its only play money.
    2011-07-05 15:51:34
  • Chris Lau Admin
    I may hit the reset button soon...or just leave my positions as is and not make any more changes. I seem to make big moves, the market moves against me, I panic, then my original calls proves to be correct.
    2011-07-07 16:20:29
  • Never know the market could turn and your short positions could be in the money.
    2011-07-08 15:09:06
Chris Lau Admin
No, I do not trade this often in real life. With virtual money here you can test trading ideas and that is what I'm doing. The original plan is to still accumulate great companies at great prices. Most of the companies i like are at terrible prices right now.
  • good answer
    2011-03-14 22:26:12
  • Chris Lau Admin
    Am positioned back to about 90% cash. Until I find a good theme to play...
    2011-03-22 06:11:05
Chris Lau Admin
What happened in the last month?!!!!! 11.5M to 10.5M
  • I am invested 100% in commodities and they tanked ! However i am still bullish on copper, oil, potash and corn.
    2011-03-14 22:25:20
  • Chris Lau Admin
    If you read FP - financial post - they covered japan's impact on this sector. They predict things will slow down slightly short term, but rebuilding over the years will mean higher prices for commodities.
    2011-03-19 10:19:08
  • i read the Globe and Mail. lol
    2011-03-20 15:41:12
  • Chris Lau Admin
    The huge position in commodities and resource will mean you'll either win big or lose big!
    2011-03-22 06:10:20
  • yes, either i make $ or lose my shirt. lol
    2011-03-22 15:02:15
Ur price on IRE is soooo sick
Witek Ignerowicz
Never cover, always double down. I'm thinking of shorting MFC, thoughts?
Chris Lau
  • not sure about MFC.
    2010-11-17 06:44:21
  • Chris Lau Admin
    #MFC up lots now
    2011-01-10 21:16:12