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Chris Lau Admin
greek election coming up sunday. it will be a mess?
Chris Lau Admin
Do you think $STD bottomed? It's being lumped with the bad when it does not belong there.
Chris Lau Admin
the $AAPL herd at SA is scary. The anti-RIM group is now gone, but the bulls for $RIMM are new users. That can't be bullish for $RIMM. I'm still watching them but suspect they will have a weak result this thursday. they may have a strong outlook for the year on bb10.
  • have seen some of the new stuff from $RIMM, which I think will be recived well by carriers in general. Currently consulting for two, one Central Europe, the other from Middle East on their BB strategy, both organisations are seeing significant & different reasons for committing a large amount of budget to RIM over the next 24 months.

    The handset experience is a gamechanger imo, they just need to get the form factor right for consumer space.
    2012-03-26 22:36:20
  • Chris Lau Admin
    form factor will be tricky. the touch screen experience is usable but not great. keyboard is great but must be dropped.

    Trying a new site: - ranking by picks and return is secondary. fun site for interacting with other users. covers london, toronto markets, and us.
    2012-03-27 06:45:10
Chris Lau Admin
Check out $BCE and $RCI. And $TU. In Canada. It's not like $FTE. The nimble cheaper plans offered by start-ups still can't compete with $BCE. It's either getting a subsidized phone on a 3 year plan with $BCE $TU $RCI or pay $100-800 but be on no plan with wind mobile, public mobile.
Chris Lau Admin
$RIMM - Carrier relationships have always been a strength, and lately it was a weakness in the US. Short-term BB7 may continue to be a weak-point for shares. Shares can fall short-term as a result. I'd like to see unit sales rise for BB7/6/5 in the emerging markets. They have to build the user-base before BB10 is released.

I'm holding back on taking a long position in $RIMM but am monitoring it regularly.
Chris Lau Admin
Down 10% in January?. Same as me. Where were your losses from? On my end I got short squeezed on $NFLX and dropped around 4% there. $ZNGA on facebook IPO excitement was the other 4%.
  • my obstinate stance regards $EPV - $NFLX - $EDC
    2012-02-01 05:38:56
  • Chris Lau Admin
    I was being inflexible too. Before that, I was flexible. Flexible did well. I was flexible again and have started to get some back from the $NFLX loss.
    2012-02-02 10:16:05
  • Had to cut losses on $NFLX too
    2012-02-07 01:52:33
...right you are keep the shorts & you'll be happy ;D
...why do you invest in $STD ? ...I also want to make a big investment in real life ...good dividends but risky ...isn't it ? ;D
  • Ruud,

    $STD for divs of course , am also of the view that the stock is bottomed, their exposure to Eurozone not as heavy as some believe. LatAm is a key market for them which is performing very well, also their UK retails banking operations are performing. Conviction long.
    2012-01-08 22:05:15
  • are right sooo I will buy 10 000€ of $STD shares ...thank you :))))))))))))
    2012-01-09 04:20:20
  • ...LevDAX 4x ISIN DE000A0SNAM8, WKN A0SNAM is fantastic & better than a perfect dream even if can fall more than 50% in short-term if you wait between 6 months & 2 years you'll make more than 100% + a big €/$ rate win guaranteed ;D & keep some high-dividend & high return bonds ...for the bills ;D
    2012-01-09 08:21:09
Chris Lau Admin
do you connect people on facebook? i looked you up but cannot find. you're one of the few who sounds like they know what they are doing.
  • No Chris,

    I do not have Facebook, deleted my account a long time ago ... worthless venture for me, I prefer to meet my friends & discuss things in real life not via a website :)

    As for knowing what I am doing, am not so sure, but have been fairly successful in my real life portfolio, this is just fun, v high risk positions, high volume - flip trades etc.
    I am probably 70% long invested in high dividend yields, entered a lot of long term positions in early summer 2009 & have 30% of my fund balance on short - mid term swing trades, mostly ETF, tech & telecom
    2012-01-08 22:09:46