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Hi Chris I just sent you a message on facebook please read it if you not find the message it might be on messages / "others"
Are you following developments on $BALT, $PRGN, $EGLE, $DRYS?
  • He he he... guess you missed the boat... again!!! ;o)
    2013-09-06 10:02:55
is this site functioning properly, it seems not to me.
do you prefer investing long-term or short term?
  • Chris Lau Admin
    long-term, but if a big gain comes short term, it's lucky.
    2013-06-14 07:50:23
I shall be redeemed (again). (Soon). (A couple of months)? (Again).
Chris Lau
  • Note: You have a lot of stocks that start with A.
    2013-05-09 08:19:02
  • Chris Lau Admin
    Good observation, Joel. I missed $HPQ long ago and haven't looked at it since. They all move in the same direction in some ways: $MSFT $HPQ $AMD $INTC
    What are your thoughts on HPQ? you're gonna ride it up?
    2013-05-09 17:39:11
  • You mean like I am riding $EGLE? Have I gloated... I mean, have I mentioned that one lately?
    Oh, right, $HPQ... yes, I bought initially for a long dividend ride, didn't expect such a long drop, but I believe HP is capable of a restructuring for new times similar to what IBM has done and think it is well worth a long ride. Value $HPQ at $28-$30 by 2014 Q2.
    2013-05-10 06:18:26
  • Chris Lau Admin
    your $HPQ target is on track, too. HP's around 25 and holding.
    2013-06-14 07:50:56
Hello Mr Lau,
Sorry for reply you late, now u can see Wallstreet people are being a bit optimistic with APPL. It is still good . Even if there margin was not the same as last year in Q2, their sales is still growing now about 7% in Q2 and their market position in US is still NO.1. As android and IOS user, i do not think Samsung is going to maintain their miracle for long time. The new S4 is not "the nest bit thing" but the crap piece with overdo CPU and complected gesture and OS. Personally, I think the reason why Samsung had the good sales in last FY is because the periodic changing of the cellphone demand. Customers become used to the IOS which make them want to US another OS. If Tim and APPLE is going to bring some cull stuffs like the new IOS system with different interface in the next WWDC , the stock will react. So may be you could filled more APPL before the 2013 WWDC. Make some gamble and have fun. :)
Chris Lau
  • Chris Lau Admin
    $AAPL Scares me. People are defecting left and right. Feels like $BBRY. People just don't notice it. I think they're going to have a hard time for the next 6 mths without anything new. THey should have come out with a decent 4.5" phone. Samsung is one risk. There's HTC, NExus, etc.
    2013-05-09 17:40:31
Chris Lau Admin
My latest picks:
Corey Wright Adrian Campos
  • Will check it out when I am back at the PC. I slacked a lil already on there and have allowed $DDD to make me the fool heh.
    2013-03-25 12:57:09
  • Whoa... 72 stocks. How do track those puppies?
    2013-05-10 06:28:51
Hi Chris, I was wondering if you know whether my position in RIMM will be converted to BBRY or not.. i'm stuck with a loss, whereas the value of the stock has appreciated. do you have any information in that regards?
  • Chris Lau Admin
    it should have been fixed
    2013-02-25 07:41:41
what happened :(
You went from 40%+ to 20% in like two month?
  • Chris Lau Admin
    A few bad shorts ($FB) and then some!
    2013-02-25 07:41:54
What made you sell completely out of $AMRN
  • Chris Lau Admin
    It became too speculative, and driven only by rumors of a takeover.
    2013-02-25 07:42:26