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What are your 3 favorite plays today? Me: $AMD $ALU $GLUU
  • Oops, just saw this. Didn't get a chance to scan pre market. :P
    2013-11-11 06:50:17
  • :)
    2013-11-28 08:01:40
Why you bought NQ? You think it's not fraud there?
Chris lau
  • I bought way too soon evidently. Its now a hold for me instead of a quick flip. Muddy waters drove it down with one of their good ole hit pieces, now he will cover his short and this will get back to where it belongs when fraudsters aren't manipulating it.
    2013-10-28 09:17:24
First you shorted $ZLCS with $6.37M now you cover the same amount of shares of it by $4.95M and 1.41M profit if you sum it it will give $6.36M so it's less than your investment, I realized it this game has some bugs same happend to me when I was shorting $tsla gain percentage but value less than investment value
which program or page do you use to track penny stocks?
  • The DAS Trader platform had a sweet mover/shakers watchlist that you could filter down to ones that were actually doing notable volume, but my demo expired. Now Im back to ThinkOrSwim's top 10 lists for hunting hot movers.

    For penny stocks I just jump on headline bandwagons, too often. I'm currently trapped in $SCHS after doing that the last day it saw any volume. oops lol. small position tho.
    2013-04-11 13:32:47
Chris Lau Admin
Nice $VVUS short - when will you get off that? It looks like you're doubling up on $ARNA too
John Kozlowski
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  • Chris Lau Admin
    story on $VVUS changed so you cover?
    2012-08-09 09:04:17
  • 20 seemed too strong a support area. iirc
    2012-08-09 10:30:26
  • Looks like it might get there. Gap down wednesday seems to have set up a dip.
    2012-08-09 10:32:45
  • really wish I had held this short longer haha
    2013-01-10 10:21:11
  • What
    2013-01-31 18:04:55
hey corey, amazing portfolio :) I read your comment for Ong, to get an idea of how you do so great. i have one question though, how do you determine if something is oversold or overbought, do you use fundamental analysis or purely technical analysis?
Corey Wright Kasra Zahir Chris Lau
  • Generally look for abnormal volume on sell offs. Trust my gut and bet big. It's not fool proof, but opens the door to capture huge bounces. Gotta be willing to jump out if it doesn't go. Also a sucker for gap fills, both ways.
    2012-07-12 06:49:18
Man How d'you choose all those great stocks?
  • Always looking for big volume moves and jumping in. Could be a huge drop where I start buying once it appears oversold, or jumping in big up movers if I don't see it as overbought.
    2012-07-06 10:04:40
Chris Lau Admin
how'd u know to go long $ARNA?
Aaron Cantu
  • I first got in after adcomm. 18-4 vote that day had most folks convinced (that approval was certain) it seems. Used to scalp it when it was close to penny stock status, so I was familiar with the name. I have no target for it, and stocktwits chatter is scattered. I think I may do something odd and just set a rough date to move on to the next play.
    2012-06-27 11:15:56
  • Chris Lau Admin
    $ARNA pulled back quite a bit after the positive vote. $PCX, in the area of energy, rallied 33%. Good move (again) on this one!)
    2012-07-03 12:38:01
Chris Lau Admin
nice move buying apple.
  • Thanks. Felt ripe.
    2012-04-25 18:33:26
....what is $LIVE :-D why do you made soo much profits with it ? ;D
Chris Lau
  • A low float stock that got a huge pop from 1.50 to 7ish. Selling off for a while now. Got short then.
    2011-12-24 10:15:06
  • I am probably jumping deep into $gluu soon. I think it's ready to move again.
    2011-12-29 12:12:53
  • ...what do u thin about $agnc my friend ? ;D
    2011-12-30 06:30:23
  • ...why do you wanna buy $GLUU ? ;D
    2011-12-30 06:33:20
  • $AGNC looks like it has been dying to go hard thru 30 for long long time. Seems to have had little downside risk also. I like it.
    2012-01-12 09:55:54