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Chris Lau Admin
+38%. well done
  • Thank you,

    All helped by a having a consistent well diversified portfolio of quality stocks. My largest position $ETN was justified today with an earnings beat.

    Also have exposure to stocks that pay quality dividends i.e. $GSK $MCD $RDS-B

    Exposure to the airline industry which is still in uptrend given large orders from Boeing airbus. Exposure to this sector via $TDG and $PCP

    Also irrigation and agriculture market with shares in $LNN and $VMI

    Two beaten down European industrial stocks that also pay healthy dividends $SI and $ABB - both long term plays

    $SAP recent bookings and pre-announcement last week justify owning this stock

    One of favourite stocks currently especially given its strong earnings report late last week is $SNA is a play on the auto industry as they provide diagnostic tools and they now have also increased there exposure to the other industry such as aerospace.

    Additionally exposure to financials (limited) $WFC $HBC and $BNS two of which also pay high dividends.

    Furthermore best in class healthcare stock which dominates the diabetes sector is $NVO & $UNP which posted a stellar report last week despite the huge decline in coal this year.

    Finally exposure the global luxury goods market via best in class $LVMHY
    2012-07-23 15:10:16
  • Chris Lau Admin
    Thanks for the detailed explanation, simon.
    2012-08-20 07:49:36
what happend to your virtual portfolio ? :)
  • Chris Lau Admin
    +6% in Feb 2012!
    2012-02-10 05:29:07
Chris Lau Admin
In this environment $TNA 3x play is a short-cut to recovering from losses and breaking even again. You think $IBM has legs to go up? I do. What else? Probably the big names, multi-nationals?
Chris Lau Admin
where did all your gains go? will you sell anything?
  • Hi, Chris

    Unfortunately I picked the perfect time to go on holiday, the first week after the US credit rating downgrade. I suppose it is an argument for putting stop losses in place.

    However I now feel that I have a well diversified portfolio, which I am confident in.

    #DECK, #LULU #TIF - best in class retail. All have pricing power, customer loyalty and are at the top end of market, which so far has remained largely uneffected in this market.

    #IBM - best on breed in the tech sector and has a clear long term strategy, which brings with it investor confidence especially when companies such as #HPQ #CSCO #RIMM have no clear long term plan and seem to be stuck in a rut.

    #BASFY and #SI - two outstanding German companies that have been oversold as a result of the crisis in the Eurozone. #BASFY is essentially a better play on the chemicals sector in comparison to $DD and $SI the German equivalent of #GE according to Barrons.

    #CMI - another company like $IBM has release a clear long term growth strategy, which I purchased on the its recent investor conference day.

    #BEAV - without question a great play on the growing demand for airlines. As can be seen in the expanding Asia market and increased backlog of orders, note #LCC recent record order.

    #CAT - another best of breed in its sector, which is a solid company, again I believe oversold. A stock that if the US does not enter recession and the global economy is not slowing has the potential to surge.

    #GOOG - A company that I have been meaning to get into after its last earnings report highlighted that the company has found ways to monetise other areas of its business i.e. mobile. I was also waiting for a gap fill from it surge after its most recent earnings, which happened and felt it made the ideal buying opportunity

    #NSRGY - Call it my safe haven play, company has a global presence and in light of the recent Swiss National Bank action on the franc, believe it can increase its overall profitability, which makes this an attractive buy after its 10% decline from its 52 week highs. Also has a healthy dividend.

    Stock currently on my watchlist

    #FCX #CF #TITN #SNA #HAL #BHI #PM #DEO $CHL #RDS.A and a few coal stocks, maybe play this through #KOL.
    2011-09-21 03:08:08
  • that should be #CHL
    2011-09-21 08:25:53
  • Chris Lau Admin
    Thanks for the detailed explanation. I can see that the portfolio is positioned for a general rebound in the economy. Your watch list would be a 2x up if evidence of growth surfaces.

    I am closest to your tech plays, and do have coal and resources on my watch list. #FCX and #CLf are something griff eaton would know better.
    2011-09-21 11:25:11
  • Chris Lau Admin
    Good thing you're cashing today.
    2011-10-03 10:46:30
Having problems with the app on iPod and my android phone.
Chris Lau Admin
Hey Simon,
$PANL has been on my tracking list on - i missed the big run when it was $10 and moved to $70 or so. Have been following it since.
Trust me to take 10 days Holiday in China and miss the most volatile two weeks in the markets for the last couple of years.

Oh well, time to buy some stocks that have exposure to the Chinese consumer i.e. $AAPL $MCD $SBUX, there are everywhere.

The Chinese consumer in my opinion are rapidly becoming the most powerful group of people in the world. Every western company wants in.
Chris Lau Admin
$GOOG is a good holding. $EMC - i haven't really tracked them in a while because they are "dead money." There are better plays out there.

$GOOG success is scary for facebook ipo, for $MSFT, $NOK, $RIMM, $AAPL (the latter two due to android for smartphone).
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  • I wouldn't exactly call a 3% dip a crash - also the strength of the Swiss Franc #FXF may be an underlying issue holding the stock back (headwind).

    #ABB acts as an excellent play on emerging markets especially India were the company has a large presence (smart grids, automation etc...)
    2011-07-19 14:23:32
  • buy Siemens my friend that will give you more profits ;D
    2011-07-21 10:37:21
  • I use the #EWG German ETF as a play on #SI, as it has a 10% weighting.
    2011-07-25 15:12:04
  • very good swiss economy is very bad at the moment because the chf is soooo high soo they export less, if u wanna make you a favour & playin with low risk buy bonds like KLM because you pay no taxes, you get 5,75% return & chf gonna be even more high
    2011-07-27 11:04:09
  • I like to crash companies that's my hobby & invest the profits in safe bonds with good currencies... wait some days & begin to short € ;D you gonna love it
    2011-07-27 11:10:02