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Chris Lau Admin
U're Sub-10M!
Corey Wright
  • Yes, I've been neglecting TF trading with the volatility in real life.
    2011-09-08 10:22:57
  • ...oh really ? so with which shares are you makin money?
    2011-09-08 13:18:13
Hi, Roger

Just seeing whether or not you are using any other stock market game, since it looks like the developers have all but abandoned this app.
  • I'm stubborn, I'm stuck here. :P
    2011-08-04 14:00:32
    2011-08-10 17:37:48
  • Already there.
    2011-08-11 12:31:04
im not leaving because im weak
Chris Lau Admin
Looks like you called it right for volatility. Now what next? Down or flat? i don't see how qe can be pushed thru. so much deb for the u.s. and look what is happening in europe.
  • I'm not sure about QE3... they are talking about so it's quite possible that it might come to past. If they do, I guess it's 40% chance they'll do it within the next three months. I would believe it more if Bernake started making comments about it over August. I would buy #OIH if they confirmed QE3 in a heartbeat.

    If we look at the numbers and the major indexes charts, we've been running in band between 11,800 to 12,800 on the DOW or 1,250 to 1,360 on the S&P 500. The last big dip was back in March 2011, major selling followed by major gains. Same thing is happening now. I would said we're flat, but the market wants to keep pumping up, so timing is everything to avoid these large selling sprees, unless you have long-term long positions.

    Yeah, PIIGS problems resurfaced in a majorly evil way now. If the major investment raters keep piling "junk" status ratings on European bonds, I would think to keep plenty of cash on hand.

    As for the US debt problems, they'll get the ceiling raised, but somehow the gravy train must stop. I think the bigger fish to fry in investor's minds in the perception of the second half of the year to be better, so job and unemployment numbers is going to be important in gauging the market as well as retail reports in from August to the end of the year. The emotion is for recovery, if the numbers aren't there, we're going down.

    2011-07-13 13:34:15
  • Oh, reviewed my portfolio, only down 2% due to having #C in my holdings.
    2011-07-13 14:50:13
  • Chris Lau Admin
    Not happening
    2011-07-13 10:59:50
  • Ah, my portfolio's fate is tied to the destruction of value of this company now.
    2011-07-13 13:37:35
Coming back to 10% again... with some help against $LNKD, expanding position on $ORCL while following it down, and playing mainly defensive with healthcare stocks.
  • Chris Lau Admin
    I like #ORCL holding. it's one to consider for holding in real life
    2011-06-29 07:40:48
Need my money back from $LULU, thought about doing the same to $ORCL too.
Chris Lau Admin
We're about on par in performance - what is your view currently?
  • Volatility... through summer, early fall. There's a lot to digest right now, QE 2 is ending here soon, PIIGS problems resurfacing, Japan in shambles, Chinese inflation and real estate worries, state of US consumer confidence (is slightly improving), Middle East. The usual, except for Japan.

    There are certain catalysts for renewed bullish trend in commodities; however, I really think it's tied to oil right now, with some exceptions. Obviously, QE3 would renew the trend, but I don't know if that alone is enough to keep it fueled at least for gold and silver. Euro zone debt pools people into that area.

    Oil is going to harder to play, but I'm watching BRIC demand to see how that pans out.

    Would like to see May's and June's consumer confidence numbers here to get a clearer picture of how things are. From there, I probably pick a few things. I'm just going to sit on what I have picked for now.
    2011-05-13 16:46:01
  • Retail numbers coming in so far is suggesting the richer people are not effected yet. I knew the higher prices were tightening belts, since I can feel the impact. #WMT and #TGT are showing sagging numbers. But yeah, I'm not interested in general retail, I'll love speciality and some high-end like Nordstrom, #JWM, #LULU, #DECK.
    2011-05-18 16:35:39
  • *#JWN
    2011-05-18 16:36:03
  • Both #LULU & #DECK seem to have a cult about them i.e. Strong customer loyalty which is irreplaceable

    Also, I will look at buying #LTD on the dip.

    Good turnaround stories include #WTSLA & #HOTT.

    In the teen retailer space i'am looking at #ANF and the high end luxury category #TIF.

    Any thoughts?
    2011-05-19 06:49:42
  • I'll reply over the weekend to research it. I'm a bit wary of teen retail if consumer spending is tighten, as I said #WMT, #TGT numbers are contracting, that could widen into other parts soon. That's my initial opinion on that.

    As for #TIF, I would be extremely cautious in that particular stock, a quarter of it's business is done in Japan. The stock is on a tear, wait for an upcoming earnings to disappoint to pick up some shares. If you want high-end, I suggest general high-end like #JWN, or another high-end cult such as #COH. Actually, I highly suggest #COH, as much I put money behind #DECK.

    Note of observation, some of these companies have "outlet" stores to discount their apparel, sales at outlets have been surging over the past year.
    2011-05-19 20:47:54