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thx Paul...Iheard $CHA might move into town.... have you hashed out any repercussions?
  • Bill, happy to see whats what, will have a look & get back to you. Been busy as hell now that we are a Canadian owned firm, lots of change & new crap going on.
    2011-11-16 10:23:19
had an hour or so to sketch around some favourites this morning

$ALU - some consolidation going on despite some pressure selling, se a short term 20% upside, possibly more, buying & will exit around 3.20

$TOT - looks as though it is heading to the 54-55 market, having managed to breakthrough 50 day EMA

$VIP - still struggling to break above median, don't think there is any negativity, still needs to settle after Orascom / WIND transaction, will trade sideways

$STD - will run to it's 100 EMA in short term, helped by the bailout, buying

$AM - seeeing 20% upside, has held up incredibly weel cosnidering heavy short interest & high volume selling in last week, buying
Chris Lau
Hey Paul, just came by to see how much more money you have than me...I got stuck in FAS at the wrong time...then I repeated the affair with AGQ. 6.9 million....hehe. 2 months ago I had 14...whew.
Chris Lau
had some fun with the Magic 8 ball this morning & this is what it is telling me

$VLKAY fair value around 34, could pop back to 36, VW group reaffirmed full year guidance with nice growth.

$BRCD far too beaten down & will come back, this a long term play (3months+)

$CHL totally undervalued, with iPhone coming this will roar for the next 18 months, any hint of sub 45.5 & I will add

$BIDU ultimate momentum stock, will trade within channels, expecting a leg back up very soon
Chris Lau John Kozlowski
  • Not that I'm creaping your post, cause I totally AM can you explain what in the chart makes $BRCD so good? I see the hammer,the doji's and the three white knights, but what exactall am I looking for? Also with the bolinger bands (its highers, average, lowest...right?) The MA(100) is moving average over 100 days also? I am super new to being a chartist/Dow Theory follower...
    2011-10-09 15:50:53