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1.2 mill came from reverse split windfall
I want to make a currency play... Euro vs the Dollar.
I goofed on picking up the American banks. Thought the QE would work in there favour in the short term... I'll hold on to them for a little while, but still kicking myself.
I am going long on insurance and medicine, because of the way the politics are going in the States. Its a long term bet. I'm leaving the bulk of my money stored in the form to Silver and Gold... If I have inspiration, I'll sell some to purchase stock. Other and that, dividends and potential buy outs.
I had a Slight mishap and reset my account by accident.... I was pretty close to 0 gain or slightly under the 10m mark. So here we go again.
I'm sticking to my guns... no idea what happend with gold and silver but I'm going to stay put for a week. When I get back from california I hope im not completely wiped out.
I have a major issue with this market. First of all Greece has been written down by 50% already and the market is taking it as good news. Second, all reports are saying that energy consumption is declining at a very rapid pace but oil prices are at all time highs. Third, The iran and syria fiasco. Fourth, Gold and silver rise.

How is the market still going up? I don't want to be premature and pull out of all of my positions but the market is looking very dodgy.
I'm going to stick to this strategy for a little while longer... I pulled out too soon on some of my positions. I should have stuck with $LTD and $SLW a little longer but all is well. Other than that My portfolio is being hit with some bumps, but I think its on course for a good week.

I'm looking to pick up some coffee stocks in the coming weeks if I can find a good deal. I have 1.3M on the side lines waiting for a dip to buy in again.
There is no way $FXB and $FXE be valued that differently week to week. The elastic band is miraculously holding together. I'm just waiting for the snap.

Portugal, Italy, and Greece have insane interest rates and nobody seems to be paying attention. I've been scouting for some more buyout targets, I'm just going to wait until the dip to buy.
...ohh I see you know how to play with silver & gold now ;D
  • you see even if I make big mistakes I get my cash back ;D I wait 1 month & switch positions ;D
    2012-01-30 07:20:29