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  • why would you want to send me a picture is this a scam??
    2012-11-29 03:36:29
  • lucky dog... you've won a free Nigerian holiday !
    2012-11-29 16:13:45
  • again why do u want to contact me please ?
    2013-03-21 13:17:17
this is a beta version... and its being currently neglected somewhat.... plus the re are people who played the penny stocks before the rule was instituted. so dont look at rankings too much... plus try shorting a stock split.'ll double your money...
Jerry Whitley
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  • so why post about it then.. You already knew the answer..
    2012-07-30 05:35:27
  • just wanted confirmation or others experiences thanks bill
    2012-07-30 05:58:13
  • You want to know, so ill explain: short a stock thats about to split. Then buy back after the split is done.
    2012-08-25 08:50:26
  • Write a reply...
    2012-09-24 18:58:49
  • yes they buying Nintendo at 24 then selling it at 26 and shorting it too
    2012-10-19 04:57:28