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What do you know about PRI?
Maxwell Cann Chris Lau
  • My father works for that company and it has undervalued assets. Jim Cramer described it as the best IPO of 2010. Investment firms Warburg Pincus and Barron's invested a quarter of a billion into PRI since its IPO debut in 2010 and held onto the stock. Its a growth stock that does its business by word of mouth and not advertising, which gives it the ability to have the lowest prices in the insurances business, which its competitors can't compete with. When these investment firms bought PRI at its IPO debut they didn't sell off shares like FB and lose shareholder money. Thats what I know about PRI, BOOM!
    2012-05-24 16:27:56
  • Wow great response! I also work with PRI in VIctoria, Canada. Great to heard about your Dad, what part of the world do you live in?
    2012-06-01 08:20:06
  • Tampa, FL, and the company is doing great, glad to hear your in with PRI!
    2012-06-01 11:52:37
  • Chris Lau Admin
    remember to add $ beside name to get link to work - nice pick
    2012-06-05 12:17:36
  • Thanks Chris, I recommend Michael Kors as a buy as well! Yeah they need to fix glitches on this app because this afternoon, it said my gain was $900k but when I get back on my laptop tonight, I find out I only made $2k, please get these glitches fixed!
    2012-06-05 17:24:09