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Sell off your RIMM and JP Morgan long position, once a stock hits 7% below your purchase then sell it. Once your LinkedIn hits 20% sell it so you don't lose the profits. All these techniques I got from William J. O'Neil writer of Investor's Business Daily. Because of him I'm doing good.
Sucks about the split.... but here's how you can fix it...
'play a stock split with a short'.....
its the method I use to get some real decent size
  • yeah if your serious..... investopedia has an option simulator...
    2012-05-14 10:12:22
  • I proved to myself how much I don't know about
    2012-05-16 08:45:40
You seem to be seperating the wheat from the chaff.
  • Hey, i am armed with nothing but 20yrs of skydiving risk management. Bunch of friends all on Bay st here.. I still like the games of probability...
    2012-01-21 08:16:31