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Very good picks man.
Rudolphe Félix Franciscus Aben
...growing portfolio? buy deep red, hold red & sell green ;D with dividend stocks is the biggest shit ;D
  • & this game too possibilty to sell penny stocks :-)
    2012-05-14 09:22:57
  • Chris Lau Admin
    2012-07-23 06:57:05
...this portfolio is a very boring portfolio ...dividends between 15-20% with a volatile short index $SDOW to hedge my self in this virtual game ;D
Chris Lau Nivek Ventures
Why $CPI? It's dividend isn't even confirmed
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  • ...oh I am just am just a 23 old european student & bank trainee, involved in local politics & selling cars, real-estates, insurances &... trying to run my company & I don't make alot of money with shares ...sometimes a win sometimes a loss like in everygame ...$FTE $TEF & swiss bonds 15% down but $AGNC $RDS.A $EON $RWEOY & $STD 40% up ...well LevDAX x4 100% up ...I know I could do more, but I want to stay safe & get a 20% win a year
    2012-02-29 23:37:39
  • ...what about you Chris ?
    2012-02-29 23:38:10
  • Chris Lau Admin
    I am doing okay. I am taking a measured approach in stocks. Like you, it's a small position. The house of cards is rigged!
    2012-03-01 06:08:24
  • ...hehe yeah if you don't have insider informations it's always better to have the right riskmanagement ;D
    2012-03-01 10:08:11
  • Chris Lau Admin
    Absolutely true. Seems the bigger players have some inside info
    2012-03-07 03:30:32
ouch ;D I fucked my self by shorting too early ...what a shame xD
  • ...that's what I call a cheating & speculating portfolio ;D
    2012-01-30 09:36:49
  • it's fixed ...well I go to ...adios ;D
    2012-01-31 10:00:21
  • Chris Lau Admin
    try - i am there
    2012-03-26 11:22:37
  • thx Chris I´ll join ;-)
    2012-03-27 13:22:44
  • Chris Lau Admin
    see you there. I am @chrispycrunch there and on twitter. The site will have email notifications on trades your friends are doing.
    2012-03-28 06:53:55
Hey Rudolphe.

What do you think about India purchasing oil from Iran in gold? China may follow with a similar deal.

I've increased my Short balance by 200% and my Gold and Silver allocation is over 50% of my long position. I'm holding on to companies that I believe are buy out targets.
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  • is speculation I never keep more than 10% in my portfolio & always on long position oil I am not a specialist ...well I am a good player with the german leverage index ...I never buy stocks without high dividends ;D ...maybe in a few years I will open a hedge-funds & private equity firm ;D
    2012-01-26 14:16:58
  • I tried playing this game like that, but I started loosing. So now I play based on politics and Euro failure. So far working well for me. :)
    2012-01-27 01:20:46
  • 30% not to shabby... I'd invest. :)
    2012-01-27 01:22:29
  • yeah but I need the challange ;D ... a little cra$h will come soon this week ;D
    2012-01-27 13:13:38
  • ...normally I only switch 6 time my positions in real life I bought Levdax x4 with 18€ it's 29€ sooo a 50% win now I short I make a limit about a 20% win & a stop-loss about -50% ;D
    2012-01-27 13:16:32