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Time to get in on the VIX... UVXY, VXX and HVU... are at its low
Sorry didn't see your previous comment on $UVXY. I think it is quite a bargain at the current price. It has never been sub-$10 since the low in April (Dow 13,300). This could be a potential multi bagger. Some stocks I like at the moment: $RGR, $EZPW, $CYOU, $GMAN, $CELG.
  • Thx bro for ur insight... Yeah it seems to be a really good deal.. I bought mine at 14$... I hope it makes it above that soon.., I think vix is going to go up crazy if eu uncertainty keeps going... But what I heard is keeping it too long deteriorates the value. U think that's true? Thx for ur help. Ernest
    2012-07-10 14:45:37
  • Yeah, I heard they lose value over time too, not too sure why though. But, what I know is ETNs are more risky as they can go to $0.00 if the bank goes bankrupt. But there's no tracking error, that's the good thing.
    2012-07-31 02:36:18
  • And... Yeah, it's gonna go crazy if EU uncertainty keeps going, which ain't gonna end soon. A buy for the medium term.
    2012-07-31 02:37:59