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  • Happy 2014 to you, too, Chris!
    2014-01-06 08:30:30
  • Thanks - you on Google+ ? the only thing i miss about $fb are your posts lol
    2014-03-13 09:28:52
  • Umm... I don't do google+ or -.... I do block a lot of their scripts on my browser. Does that help?
    2014-03-15 09:22:40
  • Hahaha. No one does google+
    2014-03-18 06:19:43
$GTI finally came back and got me out of the hole... sheez, that was a wait.
Chris lau
  • Commendable!
    2013-11-08 04:24:59
Thoughts on $GPT and $SAN?
  • I was playing $SAN as $BSBR when it was $7.00-ish dollars... in my own weird way I keep thinking Brazilian banks and airlines should be trading high through to the 2014 World Cup, which is part why I was dumping in their direction. However... even when bank numbers on cash versus debt is positive and would send any other bank's value up, Brazilian banks seem to roll high and low without returning to natural values, which just drives me to distraction. $SAN should be a $12-plus stock and I can't figure out for the life of me why they are not... except, perhaps, they are overleveraged in infrastructure developments (like dams) and that info seems hard to come by. Anything to do with construction in Brazil is (or should be) a deathknell for investors for the next ten years. (Just a thought).
    Look to petroleum companies for dividends and forget the rest, I'd say.
    As for $GPT, I'm not big on US commercial real estate at the moment. If they were buying up default properties I'd say sure, why not, but they aren't. I'd look to the butchers and graverobbers for quickterm gains in real estate markets. I used to keep a log on who was in the market but they seem to drop off the indexes as fast as they materialize.
    I'm still following shipping... everything seems to have happened as I predicted and I expect another jump come November. Watch the Baltic Indexes thingie...
    2013-10-08 23:13:58
  • I think your hunch on $SAN is right on the money. Considering it as a buy with real money. I'm not comfortable with Brazil, as EMEA markets tend to get hurt when the USA is down. USA is UP right now so this is why EMEA are all up
    2013-10-24 08:31:41
  • $SAN downgraded.
    Posting a nice rally after reporting Q3 results, Santander (SAN +0.8%) takes a sizable dip, but quickly recovers following Deutsche's downgrade to Sell with €6 (about $8.28) price target, with the team mentioning valuation and a disappointing Q3 earnings mix.
    Santander reported a big jump in net income thanks to a massive reserve release, but operations were somewhat less impressive. Net interest income of €19.7B was off 14% Y/Y and missed forecasts by €200M, net lending fell at an 8.7% annual pace, and Brazilian operations saw a 33% decline in net income even as provisions declined.
    2013-10-24 10:50:32
All my shipping stocks except $egle have paid off so far... wonder when I should cash in?
Chris lau
Hmm... wasn't paying attention to $HOGS and the buggers went private, killing my listing with a loss instead of a payout.

Wish the game could fix this stuff. I'm going to end up with a portfolio of dead stocks!
Chris lau
You are doing quite well - Amazing !
  • Don't believe everything you see!

    You have to subtract $7,820,000 (and change) from my portfolio to correct the splash I got when Allied Irish Banks crashed (I lost 2.7 million on them). I couldn't delete the AIB ticker tag from my portfolio; then it came back as $AIB and I cashed it in.
    Free money. I tried to be honest but there's no IRS here so I said what the hell: if they can't fix it I may as well ride it.
    2013-05-28 21:02:12
  • That is the big, single November, 2012, skip up you see on my chart, btw.
    2013-05-28 21:21:07
To those (Chris, that includes you!) who urged me to reset: ;p

(That's a sticking-out-my-tongue, old-school emoticon).
Chris Lau
  • Chris Lau Admin
    you sure showed me!
    2013-04-23 12:15:35
I guess longterm obvious plays like $BZH and $KBH kind of make me look good when everything else is making me look bad... except my dividends. My dividends are pretty good.
Chris Lau
  • Chris Lau Admin
    $HPQ is doing so bad. i wanted to buy them in real life but they warned yet again. not new info but market isn't liking it one bit.
    2012-10-03 10:43:54
  • A great example of a company waiting for something to happen? know me. I'm in too deep on them to just give up a dividend. ;o)
    2012-10-04 04:47:38
  • Chris Lau Admin
    2016 to be exact. They want to be turning around fully by 2016.
    2012-10-11 11:30:25
  • And, I'll note, my monthly dividends would be paying my bills while I wait to strike it rich... though I haven't calculated tax into this equation.
    2012-10-21 01:15:25
  • His account value seems to be doing so good. He is up 120%.
    2013-02-04 10:29:13
Hey Joel why don't you buy $ROST? It's incredibly stable
Chris Lau
  • Stable? Now where's the fun in that?!!!

    Plus, it just doesn't fit my current buying strategy: hated or dispised or suspect industry, cheap, not at or near all-time high, bleak outlook for the next three months to a year strategy.... This way I don't have to look at my portfolio more than once a month. (I'm lazy).
    $ROST never seems to drop. That's just weird....
    2012-08-21 23:29:44
I wonder if my portfolio is heading towards a new low? Should I be worried? What would a professional investor adviser tell me to do? Do 52-weeks really mean anything these days? What's with all the instant gratification motivation behind "investing" these days? Should I be worried?
Chris Lau
  • Chris Lau Admin
    I hope you're paying your advisor with fantasy money. Not sure why you don't just sucks to hold losses due to a glitch. In the last few weeks, the market has been very weak, and most especially resources. China's still slowing, and this is hurting the market. Everyone looks at Europe, which is a problem, but China or the US need to grow to justify any long investments.
    2012-05-21 05:26:10
  • Reset?
    Chris, Chris, Chris... you've known me how long and you still think I am not stubborn enough to ride out this storm? Hah! Reset? Reset is for puppies and internet bloggers!
    "Oh, lost lots of money on your 401k, lost your home and wife and kids left you? Bank foreclose? Company delisted then relisted? Treasury department bailout? Reset."
    Who do you think I am? GM?!!
    I'm playing this one out till the end. ;o)
    2012-06-06 21:56:43
  • Chris Lau Admin
    brilliant, joel!
    2012-06-07 04:20:57
  • I notice my portfolio goes up when I don't look at it. Fall winds are upon us and I'm looking forward to a nice, comfortable, profitable September and a better-than-expected harvest in October....
    2012-08-21 23:32:27
  • Chris Lau Admin
    Same here - everytime i touch something it gets worse. the best portfolios are the ones with no changes done to it.
    2012-09-12 08:50:10