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the mighty has fallen. Ran to china to make a quick buck...missed the bottom by 5% . sitting flat against the wall. waiting for some light.... 800K down still..(34.64)
cmon red racer.
  • Why are you shorting the market the stock market is in secular bull so until it makes a correction it will continue to go up
    2014-03-13 17:40:05
  • taking a bath it seems... lol
    I expected a dip and recovery for china (banks almost default and recovery... its been harsh though... US economy is headed for the ropes soon.. My gold play has been okay to keep me breathing....
    I am stubborn and this aint I endure the 'game' I started..
    I wouldnt do this in real
    2014-03-13 20:10:13
3:41 pm dec 18th "Bil says : "hai ya !" and bags 4.5% on FAS
You are really good in a long-term what is your strategy?
  • defense. as I said before..i am more of a proponent of tech analysis these days although there are the solid dividend companies around still (GE) I am watching out for companies like Apple who act like they have a monopoly, when they no longer have it.
    Markets are 99% accessed, no new markets to open. So, the age of everybody wins is over and now will only have brief moments. eg Walmart wins Sears loses. I like to simplify it like musical chairs. when the music stops the company needs to make 4% increase per year minimum. Where is that coming from (BHP) So, if you can't see how they make money don't invest, trade all you want, and don't fall in love with a stock.
    2013-09-10 14:52:29
  • Trading in this game is valid I realife investing in tax free bonds is best !lol can you play and end up with profit. then you can trade in this game. Worst enemy of trading is that it takes way more time..... investing is click and wait 3 months. Everyones style and experience is different.
    2013-09-10 14:57:52
  • Xmas is coming....who's ready for it retail wise?
    2013-09-10 15:20:49
  • :)
    2013-09-10 15:49:08
  • you should have more shares of $LCI
    2013-09-10 15:49:54
I am shorting $RTN you usually buy $RTN to hold
You should have bought apple you could made 400k to 500k
  • Thats the way I thought when I only had 11.17 million. I seem to have more than you in less time. Hmph.
    2013-08-13 14:23:32
Check it out
Toronto Bill
What do you think about $cl my friend? I think you should invest a small amount in a long/medium-term + dividends
What do you think about $JASO ?
  • quick and dirty look at it.... looks interesting over the past year. They had a split then a reverse split in the past 5 yrs which is a little disconcerting but a positive trend it seems. CEO american and rest chinese - also helps. A solar company that lasts 5 yrs+ these days has some brains...
    All I can see so far.
    2013-07-19 13:06:29
  • I will pummel you with $JASO. Look out. (famous last words)
    2013-07-22 14:44:57
  • Hahaha you are funny :P
    2013-07-23 03:23:07
  • +2.61% in some minutes hehe I gave you a good option to invest :)
    2013-07-23 05:51:20