What are everyone's thoughts on $FB?
  • public sentiment isn't what it used to be... especially for the die hards who actually bought the IPO... 20% haircut..
    On the other hand, if Facebook grows and expands with new capital..... 20% is a drop in the bucket probably.
    All depends on your time range...
    (I think it will survive ..but not the behemoth money maker think Yahoo-ish)
    2012-06-21 06:14:55
  • Chris Lau Admin
    I've got a direct view as a "user" on $FB developments by running 'financial markets' - the analytics are quite good, which is what to expects when brains run the shop. While I wrote on seekingalpha that $FB will be worth $9-$15, things can change and FB could hold its share price or even go up in the short-term. Betting against FB is very popular right now which is why short selling it won't work.
    2012-06-21 06:49:49
  • I'm not a buyer of it right now, too expensive and too many people aren't convinced of its value. The supposed investing opportunity of a generation is a fluke in my eyes.
    2012-06-21 08:48:03
  • Why buy $FB @ 100 x Earnings with an roe of 12.29% while you can own $XOM @ 10 x Earnings with an roe of 24.34% (some financal gearing). the point is the stocks that are the best are the ones that people dont talk about much
    2012-06-21 09:01:25
  • It's clear that most people aren't too strong on $FB but it's been on fire lately. It seems to me like the disaster is over and is going to continue working back up to the 38$ IPO price. I'm not saying that it's the greatest long term investment but you guys have to admit that there's money to be made in the stock.
    2012-06-21 10:49:30
  • Chris Lau Admin
    $FB is pure manipulation and speculation that will find buyers and suckers. Anyone who did not invest in 2000 will be duped. Look for FB now to bump around pre-IPO prices, and for media to pump it up again.
    2012-06-22 06:03:40