Virtual Stock Exchange (VstoX) is a virtual share investment simulation and management game and it does not require actual financial investment or formal registration with CSE brokers etc. The VstoX is a game played by an individual player but the players’ investment performance is measured against all other players.

A Virtual Cash grant depending on type of the game played will be allocated by the VstoX Bank automatically and immediately when the player register at the game site. This is a free grant to the player therefore this amount need not be settled.

The player could use the above cash grant to buy shares at CSE market prices. As the player buy shares the bank balance will be updated. Similarly the player could sell shares from his portfolio and his bank balance would be updated accordingly. Maximum order quantity a player could place in the game in respect of buy or sell of shares of a company would be limited to the actual quantity of shares of the respective company transacted during the day at the CSE market place.

You can now get real life experience in Colombo Stock Market and learn how to invest in the stock market. Learn trading without the risk of losing hard earned money. You can buy and sell shares, invest in warrants and rights issues based on real market prices. Simulate your Strategy and Become a Successful Investor. The cash is not real, the trades are virtual, but the stock exchange conditions are real. Build your Portfolio and practice investing strategies. Compare and contrast your performance. Risk free. Many Challenges to sharpen your skills. You can race toward your Rs 1bn or loose your 100mn in shortest number of days. You can show your trading abilities and become the VstoX Fund Manager.
Jantonio Banderaz