I need some1 advice what should I do with $RIMM after losing 480K +!!!
  • Chris Lau Admin
    bummer. same story will happen in the weeks ahead: rumors of buying, rumors of partnerships but reality is $RIMM will march forward whiling accumulating inventory and burning cash.
    2012-06-29 06:36:21
  • Should I sell it?
    2012-06-29 06:50:34
  • Relax, market might change in 3 days or nxt wk. so hold it, by wed you can decide to sell or not
    2012-06-29 07:00:33
  • Yes, but not now...
    2012-06-29 07:01:19
  • Short RIM. I wish I had money to short RIM in real life. Making so much....
    2012-06-29 07:11:46
  • That is a walking dead stock in my opinion
    2012-06-29 16:32:27